Stella Maris Photography: Blog en-us (C) Stella Maris Photography (Stella Maris Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:10:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:10:00 GMT Stella Maris Photography: Blog 120 80 Hair by Allie Last week I finally got a chance to meet Allison from Pinup Jordan's Mermaid Lounge! We managed to get some photos of three lovely models & Allie's beautiful hair design just before sunset. 

Allison was so easy to work with and very understanding after I rescheduled the session no less than 3 times. Her passion for her job and artistry reminded me why I love working with fellow artists, and why photography means so much to me. 

Please be sure to follow her on Instagram @Allie.Style

Makeup was by the talented Mindy Manning.



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Matilda This is just a short tribute to my childhood companion on the occasion of her passing. Thank you so much for taking the time to celebrate her with me!


Matilda - Tilly

I know we didn't have much in common, you enjoyed rolling in rotten things, and I enjoy being clean, you enjoyed sunbathing and I would rather read in the shade, you enjoyed sloppy kisses and I prefer cuddling, you hated the mailman, and I rather enjoy getting mail. At the beach you would try to find dead birds to eat, and I would try to find sand dollars. Nevertheless, thanks for being a part of many adventures and memories and giving us your unconditional affection, companionship and sass. You were so patient through 16 sets of overly eager little kid hands. (Possibly because you knew that they drop a lot more food at dinner time.) And you always overcame your fidgety habits to take care of any one of us who was sick. You were our first and only Ruffian Princess.

We will miss you lots.

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Abundant Apples              Who doesn't love Apples! Apples have been cultivated since the time of Alexander the Great and are symbolically significant in many cultures. In Norse Mythology, it was apples that kept the gods young, and in Greek we hear of more than one magic gold apple. Personally, I think Apple Pie is magic! Especially with apples from Saratoga Apple.  

Saratoga Apple first caught my eye while exploring the area last winter, it's cheerful hand-painted facade was pleasantly surprising to see among the desolate looking winter scenery. When spring came, the orchards immediately sprang to life, making that stretch of the road, one of the prettiest in the area in my humble opinion. 

Last week they were kind enough to let me take some photos before I shopped. My time there was brief, but the apples I brought home were divine and I'm looking forward to going back soon. Be sure to 'like' their Facebook Page for updates and information!


Enjoy these photos and be sure to stop in and get some apples! Their Honeycrisp apples are very crisp and light. Perfect for salads or eating alone!



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Hand Melon Farm Hand Melon Farm - if you haven't been yet this summer... For heaven's sake go!

At Hand Melon Farm Market in Greenwich, NY you can find fresh fruits and vegetables from their farm, which is just down the road, as well as local beef, and a lovely variety of other treats from the surrounding areas. The blueberries were especially irresistible, I found I had eaten nearly all of them by the time I got home! I also couldn't resist picking up a locally made soy candle that smelled of fresh pears, a few spice mixes, and an instant cheesecake mix. (I didn't even know those existed, and am beyond delighted that they do.) 

Be sure to check their market regularly as new seasonal fruits and vegetables become available. You can also bring some friends or family and pick-your-own at their lovely farm!

Fresh Bouquets

Fresh bouquets! Heavenly.

Local Canned Sauce

McCutcheon's, making fine foods since 1938.


Fresh Tomatoes

Fresh, sweet, bite-sized tomatoes.

Fresh Green Beans

I brought home a mess of these and cooked half and ate half fresh. 

Local Dippin OilAnd artisan pasta.

Beautiful pastas and dipping oils!

These speak for themselves. <3

Hanging Baskets

Someday I will have a porch for hanging baskets, someday.





In-house Hot Fudge.

Even potatoes can be pretty.

This silky scented soaps are made of Goat's milk by hand!

Huge, sweet raspberries.

Not only are these cute little earrings hand-made, they also sport the hand-melon symbol/logo.

Fresh greens and bell peppers, there were also beautiful zucchini's of several colors!

Their variety of artisan spice mixes makes cooking gourmet simple.

Please take the time to look at Hand Melon Farm's Website and Facebook Page

 Blessings,   Katrina


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Sunday in Fairyland  

           What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than exploring the woods and capturing the beautiful work of lovely artists on some gorgeous women. I was honored to capture the makeup and hair handiwork of Miranda (Gezzy) of Wonderland Roses in Saratoga, and the jewelry and clothing design of the talented Tracy of Pixie Stix Designs. 

Be sure to check our their work! 

Wonderland Roses on Facebook

Pixie Stix on Facebook

Pixie Stix on Etsy

Tracy owns Pixie Stix Art Cafe' in the Wilton Mall. It is a lovely little artistic refuge in the commercial world surrounding it. She has illustrated and published several books, designs greeting cards, and hand crafts clothing and jewelry. Her jewelry immediately caught my eye, there is a piece for everyone in her shop, and the commonality that shines throughout all of her designs, is the care and creativity she invests in each piece.


Miranda doing Rebecca's Makeup

Miranda Rose rocking an adorable updo and doing what she loves. 




Lovely Bridal Necklace by Tracy

Lovely Pearl necklace available at Pixie Stix Art Cafe.


Lovely Mother and Daughter

Mother and Daughter wearing handmade garments.

Tracy would be the perfect person to consult with for a woodland wedding!


Crystal Rings

Handmade Crystal Rings.


Tiara and Dress by Tracy

Rebecca in a Gemstone Tiara and matching necklace.


Hair by Wonderland Roses!

Braided flowers by Miranda.



These cuties were so well behaved not to mention adorable!


Necklace Set.



Handmade sweater and rings. Those cuffs are the cutest!


My personal favorite necklace. It goes perfectly with this handmade fairytale dress!




Custom Jean Jacket

A wonderful balance between fancy and functional.



The lovely Tracy MelloThe lovely Tracy Mello and artist behind Pixie Stix Designs.

Finally, the lovely artist Tracy! It has been so wonderful to get to know a fellow artistic soul, and relate over the joys and struggles of pursuing our passions. It was so much fun to capture her lovely garments and jewelry. 

Never stop creating. <3 

Love, Katrina



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Blogging - One of those things I forget to do These kids made my week so much brighter! It's been too long since I've had some little faces running around in front of my lens. Trying to capture those evasive fast paced smiles made me miss living closer to family, but grateful for the opportunity to photograph someone else's.

Everything looks different here since spring took hold. There are a thousand shades of green everywhere you look and wildflowers in bloom. Now all I need are clients willing to go on an adventure! 

Writing blog posts is not my forte, so I'll take my leave now. 



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