My name is Katrina Rochon (pronounced roe-SHAWN) Gomez, and I'm from a little old mill town on the Oregon Coast. There, my life consisted of coffee, Jesus, family, bonfires on the beach, playing outside in the rain, and wonderful friendships. The beautiful Coastal landscape inspired me to attempt to capture the lush forests and moody sea. But soon enough, the culture of perfected complexions and prescribed fashion, inspired me to attempt to capture the beauty of the people in my community. This led to a more honest approach of capturing the beauty in each person, by never using photoshop to alter people's faces or bodies, and by encouraging them to pose, smile, and be themselves in the photos. I hope that in some way, these portraits show people how truly incredible they are. One of the first things I did when I started taking Senior Portraits, and doing Event Photography, is I sat down, said a prayer, and wrote this Mission Statement:

"I believe that in this world of distorted beauty, disordered love, and impossible ideals, I must speak for true beauty. I wish to capture the extraordinary in the mundane, in the every day, in the things we take for granted. I love my small town, my ocean, my family, my faith, and the wonderful opportunity my community has given me to pursue my dreams and passion for photography; My passion for capturing the truth and the beauty inside each person and landscape."


Thanks to the love of a unique and wonderful man who has chosen to bless me with his love, I am now married. And thanks to the U.S. Navy, travelling. My hopes are to pursue my passion in each place I visit!


Currently I am in Ballston Lake, NY and looking forward to meeting you, and capturing a bit of your life.